WisCUR Executive Committee Meeting November 9, 2022

Attendance: Molly Van Wagner, Kyla Esguerra, Anne Hoeltke, Laura Dunek, Allison Steil, Jessica Schuld, Will Hoyer, Nicholas Bakken, Catherine Chan, Cheri Rossi

  1. Group introductions; introductions of guests Allison Steil and Laura Dunek from UW-System.
  2. Discussion about opportunities/vision/ideas for System collaboration and support.
    a. Past and current support: system symposium ($5k), CUR institutional membership, research in the rotunda, Discovery Grant and
    b. Proposal was submitted, change in admin, encouraged to wait, where are we at in that process? Allison and Laura suggest looking at it and see if we want to update anything and meet with them to plan with them before submitting.
    c. How can System help support NCUR? Offset the cost of UW-System students to attend (what’s the ballpark number)? Laura will send Kyla template for proposal.
    d. Alignment with strategic plan for Systems – these asks can align with the President Rothman’s strategic plan for the System, scheduled to be approved by the Regents in December.
    e. Concerns from the group: Additional support for faculty is needed for them to put in the work and costs of mentoring students. At most UW campuses, there are funds to pay the student, but the faculty isn’t being compensated for the additional work.
    f. Ideas on how to support: System wide award for undergraduate research mentorship?
    g. How to structure the proposal? Where we are, were we want to go, how to bridge the gap, the benefits.
    h. Infrastructure support – website, annual and monthly meetings – what would be helpful?
  3. Possible WisCUR sponsored workshop early next semester?
    a. Mentor support: how can mentorship move your research forward?
    b. Cheri Rossi willing to facilitate CIMER’s “Entering Mentoring” if/when helpful. Decide what time of year.
  4. WisCUR Presentation at FAN session of NCUR 2023? (Catherine & Karen) Abstracts due Nov. 30. Please email Catherine if interested in being involved.
    a. Genesis of WisCUR (brief)
    b. Activities (collaboration among campuses, including privates; workshops; webpage to inform/promote our work; UW System Symposium; Rotunda; funding requests from UW System)
    c. Benefits & how other schools can potentially organize a similar group
  5. UW System Symposium 2024 – Catherine asking people at Madison if hosting UW System there is a possibility.
  6. Other news, events, updates? – None shared (we were at end of scheduled meeting time).