Adopted January 21, 1961, at an Annual Meeting in Madison Amended May 1994 at an Annual meeting in Madison Amended April 1998 at an Annual meeting in Milwaukee


This society is organized for the study of the relationship between the stages of plant growth and animal life and physical factors of the environment; particularly climate and weather. These natural phenomena serve as a basis for the determination of local seasons and plant climate zones, and are considered to integrate the effects of a number of climatic factors. The knowledge gained will promote better understanding of the timing of natural (phenological) events.

Article I. NAME:

The name of the society shall be Wisconsin Phenological Society


The objective of the society shall be the advancement of the study of periodic natural events in plants and animals as influenced by weather. To achieve these objectives, the society will, among other things, assist phenologists and those interested in phenology by means of exchange of information; cooperate with local, national, and international organizations, and state and federal governmental agencies concerned with the education and scientific well-being of phenologists and the phenological sciences; promote effectiveness of effort among those interested in phenology by such means as its meetings, publications, teachings, research, reports, papers, discussions, and other professional contacts; establish standards and uniformity in taking observations; organize and operate observation networks; foster the relationship of phenology to other sciences, to the arts and industries, and to the general public, all for the betterment of the welfare, education, development, and prosperity of the people of our country.


Membership shall consist of persons and organizations interested in phenology and the promotion of phenological research. There shall be three classes of membership:

  1. Active members: Persons who demonstrate interest in the objects and purposes of the society by participating in its observation program or other activities and who financially contribute to its support in the amount specified in the By-Laws.
  2. Contributing members: Persons who are interested in the objects and purposes of the society and who financially contribute to its support in the amount specified in the By-Laws.
  3. Honorary members: A person who by reason of long and distinguished service to phenology is honored by election at the annual meeting.

A meeting shall be held at least once a year on a date specified in the By-Laws.

Article V. OFFICERS:
  1. The officers of the society shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the membership. Should the post of President become vacant for any cause, the Vice-President shall assume the post of President and serve the remainder of the term. Should the post of an elected officer become vacant for any cause, the Board of Directors (the remaining elected officers) shall appoint a replacement to serve until the next annual meeting.
  3. The duties of the officers shall be those delegated to such officers by the society in the By-Laws.
  1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers and three members appointed by the president. Of the appointed members at least two shall be active members. This committee shall be charged with the conduct of the affairs of the society in the interim between annual meetings.

An amendment to this constitution may be proposed by any member. Amendments shall first be submitted to the Executive Committee which shall give at least one month’s notice of such amendment to all members. Adoption shall be by three-fifth of the members present at the annual meeting.

Article VIII.

Procedures, and other items not specified in this constitution or in the By-Laws or by action of the meeting, shall be in accord with Roberts Rules of Order.

Wisconsin Phenological Society By-Laws

Article I. Meetings:
  1. The administrative office of the society shall be located in Milwaukee.
  2. The annual meeting may be held in conjunction to the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, or at such time as designated by the Executive Committee.
  3. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the President in accordance with previous action of the committee.
Article II. Financial Relations:
  1. The Wisconsin Phenological Society solicits and receives funds and gifts. The Executive Committee shall have control through its treasurer of the receipts, management, and disbursement of the funds of the society.
  2. The finances of the society shall be handled in general conformance to the established business procedures of other similar organizations.
  3. The Treasurer prepares for each fiscal year a fiscal summary and submits it to the Secretary for publication in the annual newsletter of the following year. Discussion of the financial summary must be an item on the agenda for the annual meeting to be announced in the same newsletter.
Article III. Dues:
  1. A change of dues-structure may be proposed by the Executive Committee at an annual meeting but must be approved by a majority of members present.
  2. No dues shall be required of honorary members.
  3. Contributing members shall pay at least double the annual dues of active members ($2).
  4. For contributing members, Life-membership shall be available upon a single payment of $100.
Article IV. Admission to membership:
  1. Application to membership shall be made to the Secretary who mails to the applicant all relevant WPS information and a dues notice.
  2. The applicant is accepted as either active or contributing member, or contributing life-member once the treasurer has received the appropriate dues payment and has notified the Secretary about the status of the new member.
Article V. Fiscal Year:
  1. The fiscal year of the society shall be the calender year from April 1 to March 31.
Article VI. Appointment and discharge of committees:
  1. The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall have authority to appoint and discharge necessary standing committees.
  2. The President shall have authority to appoint and discharge necessary ad hoc committees.
Article VII. Election of Officers:
  1. Newly elected officers will assume their duty immediately upon the adjournment of the annual meeting at which they are elected.
  2. Elected officers serve for a 2-year term but can resign on request.
Article VIII. Directors:
  1. The business and activities of the society shall be managed by the Board of Directors, composed of the elected officers and the appointed members of the Executive Committee.
Article IX. Amendments to the By-Laws:
  1. Amendments to the by-laws may be made by majority vote at a special or annual meeting.
Amendment I.

The Wisconsin Phenological Society herewith affiliates with the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters and assumes the responsibilities and privileges resulting from such affiliate status.

This amendment accepted by the Wisconsin Phenological Society on May 7, 1965 was agreed to by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters on May 7, 1965.

Amendment 4.

Repeal of Amendments 2 and 3.

Amendment 5.

The duties of the Secretary include: (a) Keeping an annually updated membership list by categories, and (b) Technical preparation of the annual WPS Newsletter and mailing it together with reporting forms to all members.

Amendment 6.

The duties of the Vice-President include: (a) Keeping an annually updated list of Reporting Forms returned by active members, and (b) Contributing articles to the Annual Newsletter providing information on advancements in the study of Wisconsin Phenology with reference to Article II of the CONSTITUTION.

Amendment 7.

The duties of the Board of Directors include: (a) Updating, occasionally, the package of information on WPS mailed to new members, and (b) Responding, if requested by at least three members, to proposed changes of Design and/or content of WPS – Reporting forms, but keeping in mind the basic need for maintaining continuity of a data reporting over decades.

Amendments 4-7 were approved at the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Phenology Society in May 1994.