Our Team


Lori Klos, PhD, RD
Lab Founder and Co-Director
Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Zilber College of Public Health
Research interests: Weight-related stigma, weight management approaches/behaviors, body image, evidence-based approaches to educating [future] nutrition, dietetics, and fitness professionals
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Christy Greenleaf, PhD
Lab Co-Director
Professor, Kinesiology
Zilber College of Public Health
ACSM Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist
Research interests: Weight-related stigma, body image, embodiment, self-objectification
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Graduate Students

Lab Alumni

Doctoral Student Alumni

Gretchen Paulson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Western Connecticut State University
PhD Kinesiology, 2023, Dissertation: The Impact of a Body Self-Compassion Program on Body Image and Experiences of Exercise

Alexandra Rodriguez, PhD, Assistant Professor, California State University East Bay
PhD Kinesiology, 2023, Dissertation: A Qualitative Exploration of Body Inclusivity and Experiences in Dance

Caitlyn Hauff, PhD, Associate Professor, University of South Alabama
PhD Kinesiology, 2016, Dissertation: Hashtagging Your Health: Using Psychosocial Variables and Social Media Use to Understand Impression Management and Exercise Behaviors in Women

Masters Student Alumni

Natalie Upson, MS, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Eureka College
MS Kinesiology, 2018, Thesis: Exploring Positive Body Image and Motives for Exercise as Predictors of Intuitive Exercise and Exercise Behavior Among Women

Gabe Serafin, MS, Doctor of Physical Therapy candidate
MS Kinesiology, 2018

Abby Probelski, MS, Health and Wellness Consultant, US HealthCenter Inc.
MS Kinesiology, 2016

Erin Bork, MS, Clinical Affairs Training Specialist at Exact Sciences
BS Kinesiology, 2013, MS Kinesiology 2015

Undergraduate Student Alumni (students worked in our lab as undergraduate students)

Tanya Cass, Doctoral candidate in Psychology
UWM BA Psychology and Womens’ Studies, 2017

Molly Kessler, PhD, Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
UWM BA English, 2013, PhD Professional Technical Writing 2017

Colby Shoemaker, MS, School Counselor
UWM BA Psychology, 2012, MS Educational Psychology, 2017

Natalie Paly, PharmD, RPh, Pharmacist
UWM BS Health Care Administration, 2011, Nutrition Certificate, 2013