Educational Activities





Fall 2017, Teaching:
Mathematical Statistics 566, Computational Statistics.
Math 105, Intermediate Algebra.

Math 990, Doctoral Reading & Research. Student Ph.D. research.   I have 1 Ph.D. student working on Cellular Automata.

Advising: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree program.

Advising: Industrial Mathematics MS and Ph.D. students.




It’s Essential to Get Organized!
  • These days you must become extremely organized and systematic about everything, except leisure, which is to escape such organization.To do that write everything down, keep it updated and meta-organize– and you can relax. Choices for doing that include total digital approaches using, e.g., Evernote, One-Note, Keep, etc., or a Bullet Journal for more artistic/analogue style.  Some people use both in a hybrid system.  All that matters is to systemize your work.  The Internet, including Youtube has many commentaries on how to do this.In summary- For everything you need a Vision and a Plan.   The vision includes long term goals.  The plan includes intermediate milestones and actions that are executable, designed to reach the milestones.


One writer designed the “WADE” formula:

“W_rite it down” Record your tasks in single place in an organized fashion.

“A_dd it up” Estimate the projects’ time frames and write that down. Set priorities.

“D_ecide” Work out if you should do the next task of a project immediately, delay it, delegate, delete it, etc.

“E_xecute your plan” Make a daily task list; Keep  it short and viable. Be realistic!

cf. Julie Morgenstern, “Time Management from the Inside Out,” Holt Paperbacks, 2000.

  • I would add that it is a tremendous strategy to ALWAYS find enjoyment in everything you do. Sometimes you have to look for it, or you may have to adjust your expectations and standards. This is the best way to have success in life, which ultimately means, be satisfied
  • A very common thing to happen is that WE FAIL TO BE DELIBERATE and ACTIVE in making decisions and executing them. We err by accepting the default option or being controlled by others (often implicitly). Most importantly, one must commit to making everything in life YOUR DECISION and to be highly PRO-ACTIVE, looking always forward, and keep active.