Filip Vesely, Associate Professor

Academic CV

Office: Bolton Hall 830
Phone: +1 (414) 229-4910
Fax:   +1 (414) 229-3860
Email:  vesely@uwm.edu

filip vesely picture
Ph.D. Economics, Purdue University, 2002
M.A. Economics, Purdue University, 1999
M.S. Finance, Prague University of Economics, 1997
B.Fin., Prague University of Economics, 1994

Research Interests:
Experimental Economics, Monetary Economics, Growth and Development 

Working Papers and Current Projects:
“Voluntary Separation as a Discipline Device for Long-Term Cooperation: Theory and Experiment” with Vivian Lei and Chun-lei Yang.
“Debt Relief in the Presence of Multiple Creditors: An Experimental Study,” with Steven Tucker and Vivian Lei.
“The Destruction and Restoration of Group Trust,” with Vivian Lei and Marie Claire Villeval.
“Breakup, Secret Handshake and Neutral Stability in Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma with Option to Leave: A Note,” with Chun-lei Young.
On Optimal Social Convention in Voluntary Continuation Prisoner’s Dilemma Games,” with Chun-lei Young.
Optimal Payment Arrangements: Money vs. Reciprocal Exchange.

On Market Activity and the Value of Money,Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 38(2), March 2006: 495-509 (with Gabriele Camera)
Foreign Aid and Weakest-Link International Public Goods: An Experimental Study,European Economic Review 51(3), April 2007, 599-623 (with Vivian Lei and Steven Tucker)
Trading Horizons and the Value of Money,European Economic Review 51(7), October 2007, 1751-1767 (with Gabriele Camera)
Market Efficiency: Evidence from a No-Bubble Asset Market Experiment,Pacific Economic Review 14(2), May 2009, pp. 246-258 (with Vivian Lei)
In-Group vs. Out-Group Trust: The Impact of Income Inequality,Southern Economic Journal 76(4), 2010, pp. 1049-1063 (with Vivian Lei)
Forgive or Buy Back: An Experimental Study of Debt Relief,Review of Economic Design 14(3), 2010, pp. 219-309 (with Vivian Lei and Steven Tucker)
Do Separation Rules Matter? An Experimental Study of Commitment,New Zealand Economic Papers 45(1-2), April-August 2011, pp. 97-117 (with Vivian Lei and Scott Drewianka)
Differentiated Assets: An Experimental Study on Bubbles,Economic Inquiry, 51(3), July 2013, pp. 1731-1749 (with Kenneth Chan and Vivian Lei)
Competition vs. Communication: An Experimental Study on Restoring Trust,Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 108, December 2014, pp. 94–107 (with Vivian Lei and David Masclet)