Virtual Tour of Downtown Milwaukee


A number of downtown Milwaukee buildings using stone as a building material have been selected to illustrate the myriad interesting rock types that are visible in the downtown area as well as the architectural history of the city. These buildings range from among the earliest (State Bank of Wisconsin/Bank of Milwaukee, 1856; 1858) to the recent (1000 North Water Street, 1991).
The buildings have been arranged in two longer tours with numerous buildings and two short tours with only two or three significant buildings in each. Only building exteriors have been included.


Walk 1 – Wisconsin Avenue Corridor

Walk 2 – City Hall Loop

Walk 3 – Yankee Hill

Walk 4 – Civic and Cultural Center

Tim Grundl, Associate Professor, Geosciences Department

Nancy Hubbard, Associate Professor, Architecture and Urban Planning

Bill Kean, Professor Emeritus, Geosciences Department

Funding for this project was provided by an Instructional Improvement Grant to the authors. The authors would like to thank Brett Ketter for the construction of the web page and Jamie Martindale for the generation of the location map.