3D Printing and Recycling of Smart Composites

Alexander Olson, “3D Printing and Recycling of Smart Composites” Mentors: Chiu Law & Rani Elhajjar, Mechanical Engineering Terfenol-D, like other magnetostrictive materials, will strain when a magnetic field is applied to it; however, Terfenol-D has an advantage over other magnetostrictive…… Read More

Energy Harvesting with Nanocellulose Terfenol-D Composite

Ryan Williamson, “Energy Harvesting with Nanocellulose Terfenol-D Composite” Mentors: Rani Elhajjar & Chiu Law, Civil & Environmental Engineering Piezoelectric Ceramics have been shown to generate electricity when mechanical stress is applied. Using a shaker, mechanical stress can be applied at…… Read More