The World After Us: Imaging Techno-Aesthetic Futures

Mary Widener, Casey Phipps, Meghan Berger, Peter Green, Ava Hager & Hope Glassel, “The World After Us: Imaging Techno-Aesthetic Futures”
Mentor: Nathaniel Stern, Art & Design

By some estimates, China produces more than 9 million mobile phones per day. India recently surpassed China, meaning that this incredible rate of production generates more than 10 billion mobile phones per year. Add chargers, watches, tablets, and computers, and a global problem looms. Our research asks “what will—and what can—happen to this technology over time?” It exhibits a range of possibilities for our electronic waste. We have created sculptures, prints, photographs, and experiments that encourage viewers to consider their relationship with technology and nature. Combining plant life and scientific experimentation with electronic waste, the artwork is a timely provocation that will leave viewers contemplating how we might change our ecological trajectory.

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  1. Dear Mary, Casey, Meghan, Peter, Ava, Hope, and Nathaniel,

    Congratulations, this work provokes so much for us to think about individually and collectively. Rethinking waste is one of the ways we must grapple with our own future as well as the future of our digital tools!

  2. Mary, Casey, Meghan, Peter, Ava, and Hope,

    This is an engaging and important topic. I enjoyed seeing and celebrating the installation and exhibition at the Saint Kate Arts Hotel. Although contained in a gallery, it felt embedded in the architecture as well as our being. Thank you for contributing by creating work, and an immersive space, that inspires us to question our relationship with and impact of our accumulating collection of devices.

    (the anti spam word for this post was “aga vinyl” – I thought you’d appreciate knowing.)

    High 5s, team!

  3. This project is so incredibly insightful and thought-provoking. I appreciate how it was presented, as well as how real and relevant the information is. I am in awe of the amount of work and effort that you all have poured into this work. Bravo! And THANK YOU!

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