Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator Platform Kinematic Trajectory Tracking

Isaac Ngui, “Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator Platform Kinematic Trajectory Tracking”
Mentor: Mohammad Rahman, Biomedical Engineering

Mobile robots have been looked to for solving various tasks such as navigating planets, search and rescue, and carrying objects in factory settings. The reason for their popularity is due to their high maneuverability and their high degree of autonomy. This work presents the use of three-wheeled omnidirectional robots as platform for mobile manipulator robots. We present the kinematics, communication system, and trajectory tracking results of these robots. Their benefits to being mobile manipulator platforms will also be examined in this work.


  1. Your explanations of the PID controller and the equations were good and thorough, and helped me understand your project as a layperson with no background in this subject. I also appreciated the conversational tone of your presentation – you sounded like you knew your subject well and could speak to it without relying on written notes.

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