MLC Library

Maria Ortiz, “MLC Library”
Mentor: Candance Doerr-Stevens, Teaching & Learning

Over the course of a year, this project has focused on the development of a library that promotes cultures, languages, and literacy in schools and within learning. The Multiliteracy, Language, and Culture groups in the School of Education, also known as the MLC Committee, have gathered resources to build an interdisciplinary library that reinforces students’ readiness into the field of teaching. Through the continuation of this project, I have focused on three elements to form the MLC Library: organization of resources, cataloging of resources, and searching for potential partnerships. In past research, a questionnaire was developed and administered to teacher candidates, practicing teachers, and graduate students. This questionnaire was used to determine what resources were valuable to those who will access the library. With this data, I was able to organize a space that is most assessible to all. Contributing to the organization of the library, I have cataloged nearly 1,000 items in an online cataloging system called Libib. These items consist of various types of books, curriculum sets, and activity sets to be used in the classroom. Moving forward, this research project will focus on designing a website for viewers to receive information regarding the MLC Library. For this task, I will collaborate with the School of Education’s website designer to establish the website. With the MLC Library obtaining more resources, I will continue to catalog these additional materials with hopes to expand the library’s overall selection.

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  1. I appreciate the relevance of the topic you chose and the thorough research you conducted to create a practical, meaningful tool for teachers. The Mission/Purpose is stated very well, and the goals helped to demonstrate the importance and usefulness of the MLC Resource Library. Excellent job, Maria!

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