Case Studies for Waterfront Cities of the Great Lakes Basin

Lintaro Kajiwara & Ryan King, “Case Studies for Waterfront Cities of the Great Lakes Basin”
Mentor: James Wasley, Architecture

Ryan King and I were tasked with researching and creating maps that depicted the details of the 15 largest waterfront cities (based on population size) around the Great Lakes Basin in the US and Canada. These maps would contain information detailing the city limits, industrial zones based on municipal zoning designations, and heavy rail lines for each of the 15 cities. The maps were created in Adobe Illustrator using information retrieved from various mapping resources found online, like ArcGIS, and various zoning designation maps from municipal websites. These maps were displayed at the ‘Reimagining Water’ NSF workshop in July 2019 held at the UWM School of Frewshwater Sciences and led by Professor of Architecture James Wasley. The attendees from around the Great Lakes were encouraged to mark up these maps with resources, contact information, ongoing and proposed projects about sustainable urban waterfront systems, which we then compiled to create a “profile” for each major city. These profiles will be used as a resource for future students or professionals of differing disciplines to use for connecting between the two groups, as well as providing a base for future research paths. Their first use will be in responding to the call for the creation of an NSF Research Network on Sustainable Urban Systems that is expected in the next few months.

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