High Frequency Medium Voltage Transformer for Future Electrical Grid

Ian Buck, “High Frequency Medium Voltage Transformer for Future Electrical Grid”
Mentor: Adel Nasiri, Electrical Engineering

Transformers are a useful instrument in distributing power. Transformers can be used to convert voltage from one value to another as well as isolate the system, preventing voltage faults. A four port, high frequency transformer is even more useful, since it isolates multiple sources as well as reduce the size of the transformer. The inductance was calculated out, then MATLab was used to optimize the transformer parameters. The transformer was then designed, modeled, and simulated using ANSYS Maxwell-3D and Simplorer. Once the modeling was complete, the transformer was constructed. Only two ports were tested reaching a maximum of 3.2kV. The original test was successful. However, a greater power source is needed to test all four ports at rated voltage.

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