Primate Populations

    Anthropology 156-401 [syllabus]

    This course will examine field studies of non-human primates. To fully understand primates we will discuss taxonomy and phylogenetics, distribution, anatomy, genetics and behavior. We will frame our discussions around current theories of animal behavior including reproductive ecology, sociobiology and life history.

Human Variation and Evolution

    Anthropology 156-301 [syllabus]

    Theory, mechanisms, and processes of biological evolution applied to problems of the primate and human fossil record and contemporary human populations.

Physical Anthropology – Core Course

    Anthropology 156 – 801 [syllabus]

    This survey course reviews biological principles essential to an understanding of evolution. The course details problems, theories and facts central to physical anthropology and human evolution and includes primatology, paleontology, human genetics, population genetics and human biological variation.