Site Request / Service Level Agreement

The CampusPress managed WordPress service provides UWM faculty and staff with web publishing and basic data collection (web forms) functionality in support of their professional initiatives and goals. Each person will be able to login using UWM 1Login and request their own CampusPress WordPress site and it will be provisioned for them in real time. No confidential data can be stored on or transmitted through CampusPress WordPress. CampusPress supports publication of open access/publicly releasable research data (in support of grant requirements).

To learn if CampusPress WordPress is right for you, please review the Service Level Agreement.

To obtain your CampusPress WordPress site, agree to the Service Level Agreement and Request Your Site. Your site will be created in real time and you will be provided full administrative access, so you can get started right away.

Purpose and Scope

CampusPress WordPress is available as a platform for hosting and maintaining UWM faculty and staff websites and blogs (professional sites) to support professional initiatives and goals, including faculty/staff professional web presence (e.g. portfolios/publications/CVs), professional collaborations, campus working groups, research projects, research group/lab sites and other professional initiatives. The faculty and staff (site administrators) are responsible for the administration and maintenance of their professional sites, and the accuracy of the content and links therein.

The following are within the scope of CampusPress WordPress:

  • Branded Site Addresses – Short, personalized, easy to remember and communicate site addresses with HTTPS encryption, in the format
  • Production Environment – 24 by 7 availability of professional sites and the ability of site administrators to perform ongoing, routine site content updates and editorial changes from any modern internet-connected computer or mobile device using a web browser.
  • 1Login – Secure CampusPress WordPress administrative access via UWM 1Login using ePantherID.
  • Analytics – Customizable Google Analytics functionality to allow faculty and staff to track and analyze professional site traffic and visitor behavior (registration of Google Analytics account required).
  • CampusPress WordPress User Guide – Online learning and support resources, tailored to using CampusPress WordPress (formerly Edublogs).
  • UWM Web Identity Lite Theme – A UWM-branded, responsive (mobile-friendly), Web accessible theme that compliments UWM’s Web Identity brand standard.
  • Customizable Themes A selection of free themes available for use by faculty and staff who do not wish to use the UWM brand for their professional sites.
  • Plugin Catalog – A catalog of curated WordPress plugins, supported by CampusPress.
  • Managed Software Updates – Software updates of server software, WordPress, plugins and themes, managed by CampusPress.
  • Research Data Publication – The ability to publish open access/publicly releasable research data (e.g. in support of grant requirements).

The following are outside the scope of CampusPress WordPress:

  • Hosting of school/college, administrative unit and academic center sites. School/college, administrative unit and academic center sites are hosted on the UWM WordPress platform and require the UWM Web Identity brand standard.
  • Sensitive or confidential data. No sensitive or confidential data shall be stored on or transmitted through CampusPress WordPress.
  • Development environment. A separate development environment for use in developing or redesigning professional sites is not available (though changes and additions can be staged by keeping new or changed content in a draft state).
  • Ad hoc plugin or theme installations on a per-site basis.
  • Child theme, WordPress API and direct code-level file access.
  • Storage and archiving of digital assets not optimized for Web and mobile and not part of professional sites.
  • Student organization sites and blogs.
  • Custom web application/database development and open source software hosting beyond functionality constructed using existing CampusPress WordPress plugins and themes.

To learn about university IT services to meet use cases outside the scope of CampusPress WordPress, visit:


CampusPress WordPress is available and accessible 24 by 7 by both site visitors and site administrators, except during scheduled maintenance windows. CampusPress WordPress is hosted on a secure, high-availability architecture with zero dependencies on UWM infrastructure for functionality required to deliver content and interactivity to CampusPress WordPress site visitors. WordPress administration is dependent on UWM 1Login. CampusPress WordPress is provided through a contract with an external service provider (CampusPress, formerly Edublogs).

Self-service Model

CampusPress WordPress is designed in a self-service model, providing faculty and staff the ability to create and manage a professional site without requiring support from technical staff. Initial registration and provisioning of a faculty/staff professional site is self-service and can be done at any time. UWM Help Desk provides support for CampusPress WordPress fundamentals during normal UWM Help Desk hours of operation. Support and assistance for site administrators on advanced use cases and complex functionality requirements are outside the scope of standard campus support for CampusPress WordPress.

A CampusPress WordPress Guide page provides access to many free online learning and reference resources, including the CampusPress (EduBlogs) User Guide and WordPress training. Faculty and staff who wish to contract professional services to support the creation of their professional sites can send an inquiry into either their local IT unit/web development team or University Relations & Communications.

Content & Update Review Responsibilities

Content & Links: CampusPress WordPress site administrators are responsible for the accuracy of their content and links. Corrections may be provided to site administrators by site visitors, other site administrators/owners, UWM Help Desk or other members of UWM.


There are no charges for faculty and staff to use CampusPress WordPress when it is used at the standard service levels as defined in this service level agreement.


Designated CampusPress WordPress site administrator: All sites and blogs are required to have an identified WordPress administrator (site administrator) who is a full time employee (faculty or staff) of the university. Secondary CampusPress WordPress site editors can be added by the primary CampusPress WordPress site administrator to provide backup support or facilitate team-based project work.
Service Integrity & Availability: Any content or functionality that compromises service or data security, performance, availability or violates copyright law is subject to removal.
Applicable Policies: WordPress Administrators, editors and Web developers using UWM’s WordPress service are subject to the UW System Acceptable Use Policy and UW System Information Security Policies.
Branding Standards: A UWM Web Identity Lite theme is available for faculty and staff who wish to align their professional sites with their school/college/administrative unit sites and/or use the UWM brand for their professional sites. The UWM Web Identity Lite theme is recommended but not required for campus working groups, research projects and research group/lab sites. UWM branding standards apply to faculty and staff who do elect to use the UWM brand for their professional sites.
Disallowed Data Classifications: CampusPress WordPress shall not be used store, collect or transmit sensitive information, including SSNs, PCI (credit card) information, or HIPAA information. For more information about data in the aforementioned classifications, see UWM Information Security Guidelines, Policies & Standards.
Credit Card Acceptance: CampusPress WordPress shall not be used for online payment processing. For information about online payment processing, see UWM’s Credit Card Acceptance procedure.
Web Accessibility: All professional sites are required to be accessible to people with disabilities, per Section 508 Laws. More information and resources related to web accessibility at UWM is available.

Changes to Service Level Agreement

This service level agreement is subject to change, as required by applicable UWM polices, procedures, guidelines, operational support requirements and security requirements. By using CampusPress WordPress, you are accepting this service level agreement.

Requesting Your Site

To request your CampusPress WordPress site, review this Service Level Agreement (above) then accept it and click “Request Your Site” (below).

Service Level Agreement Form

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Revision History

November 10, 2015 – Finalization of initial draft, based on UWM Professional Pages Working Group proposal to provide CampusPress WordPress for faculty and staff professional sites, applicable UWM polices and procedures, UWM subject matter expert advisement and support resource availability. – Mark Jacobson