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As the population grows and the viability of traditional energy sources diminishes, the creation of reliable energy generation and distribution systems is one of humanity’s most important challenges. The team at the Center for Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems are exploring methods to make electric power systems more sustainable, cost-effective, and secure through research on energy storage, microgrid systems, and renewable energy sources.

Center for Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems

This Center brings together the capabilities of existing Laboratories and Centers within UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science and will enhance the collaborations within UWM and with other groups and organizations in Wisconsin. Historically, Wisconsin is a leader in energy, power and control benefiting of a high concentration of world leading companies operating in the industry of electric power equipment. A main objective of the Center is to actively contribute, through collaboration between academia and industry, to strengthening this leadership in the area of novel technologies.


The Center provides a framework for multi-disciplinary research and teaching activities for energy, which represents a strategic area for UWM growth. The main focus of the Center is on the topics of electric energy with particular emphasis on future sustainable developments. This includes, for example, several research projects on microgrids that includes distributed renewable energy generation with solar PV, wind turbines, bio-diesel generators, energy storage systems and specific controls. The projects aim to develop a large-scale demonstrator and test bed with a power rating in the MW range.

Research Highlights

  • Synchronous Generator Modeling Under Unbalanced Conditions
  • Hybrid Battery Life Testing
  • Cost Effective Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Efficient Integrated Power System for Higher Power and Improved Survivability
  • Hybrid Energy Module Development for High Efficiency Buildings

Latest News

Center Director Cuzner quoted in CyberScoop story on Pentagon DEF CON test and cybersecurity of microgrids. Read more.


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Rob Cuzner, PhD