Suzanne Lynch Boyd photo I am an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In August 2002, I completed my Ph.D. in the Math Department at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York. My advisor was John Smillie. My research area is Dynamical Systems.

Fractal Drawing Program:
My husband Brian Boyd and I have written a program “Dynamics Explorer” for drawing pictures in complex dynamics. It is in Java, should run on any operating system (with Java 1.6 or newer), and the user can write their own profiles to draw pictures of dynamical and parameter spaces for their family of interest.
Download at the detool page at sourceforge.net and feel free to email Brian or me with questions!

Professional Tips
The book Advice for New Faculty Members, by Robert Boice, is chock full of teaching/writing tips for the novice faculty member.

The book How to Teach Mathematics, by Steven Krantz, despite the generic title, is written for college mathematics professors, and has totally revolutionized (in a very positive way) my teaching. I recommend it for anyone who cares about teaching college level mathematics.