Ph. D. Dissertations Chaired (Initial Placement):

Azina Abdullah Al-Hadi, “Three Essays on Railroad Cost,” 2014 (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, University Kebangsaan Malaysia).

Joshua Shindell, “The Effect of Economic Regulation and Firm Performance Volatility on CEO Compensation Packages”, 2011 (Quantitative Analyst, Ashford Consulting Group, Wilmington, Delaware).

Steven M. Trick, “Three Essays on Intrastate Deregulation and the Labor Market for Truck Drivers,” 2010 (Visiting Professor. School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

Ozlem Eren, “Wage and Non-Wage Compensation Effects of FDI: Evidence from Non-Manufacturing Industries,” 2009 .

Nurulhada Mohd Satar, “An Empirical Test of Modal Choice and Allocative Efficiency: Evidence from US Coal Transportation,” 2009 (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Nongluk Buranabunyut, “Incentive Regulation and Allocative Efficiency: Evidence from the U.S. Telecommunications Industry,” 2008 (Instructor, Rajabhat Udonthani University). Winner of the 2010 Transportation and Public Utilities Group (TPUG) Dissertation Award.  This award recognizes outstanding dissertations addressing issues of significance in transportation or telecommunications economics.

Pithoon Thanabordeejij, “Shipping Deregulation’s Effect on Dockworkers’ Wages: An Analysis by Wage Level,” 2008 (Assistant Professor, Madison Area Technical College).

Yan Liu, “Two Essays on Industrial Organization,” 2006.

Bin Wang, “The Influence of Privatization on Municipal Workers’ Earnings and Employment,” 2005. (Associate Professor, College of Business, St. Edwards University)

Richard McGregory, “Motivations for Employing Part-time Nurses,” 2004. (Lecturer, Economics Department, Director McNair Scholars Program, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)

Scott Niederjohn, “Employment and Earnings Trends During a Period of Regulatory Reform in the U.S. Electricity Sector,” 2003. (Charlotte and Walter Kohler, Chair, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Business, director, Center for Economic Education, Lakeland College)

Sarah (Eckenrod) Cosgrove, “Regulatory Reform, Contestability and Firm Behavior: An Analysis of Local Exchange Telecommunications,” 2003. (Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)

Hosne Mridha, “Health Care Labor Costs: Evidence from Relative Wages of Janitors,” Co-chaired with Keith Bender, 2002. (Assistant Professor School of Business, North Carolina Central University)

Saif Alhakimi, “The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment Activity on Wages and Consumer Welfare in U.S. Manufacturing,” 2002. (Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Hodeidah University)

Komgrich Thavornwanchai, “Regulation and Production Efficiency in the Telecommunications Industry,” 2000. (Assistant Professor, School of Economics, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce)

Darnell Cloud, “Absenteeism in a Market Labor, Non-Market Labor, and Leisure Model: A Comparative Analysis of Elementary School Teachers with the U.S. Population,” 2000. (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Transportation /Logistics, North Carolina A&T State University).

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Chih-Hsiang Chen, “The Determinants of Foreign and Domestic Merger Activities in U.S. Manufacturing Industries,” 1997. (Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Finance, Ming Chaun University)

John Bitzan, “Essays Examining the Impacts of Potential U.S. Railroad Regulatory Policies,” 1997. (Professor, College of Business, North Dakota State University)

Jacqueline Agesa, “The Impact of Deregulation on Racial and Gender Employment: The Case of the Airline Industry,” 1996. (Professor, Division of Finance and Economics, Marshall University)

Ali Hekmat, “The Effects of Merger Activity on Union Wages and Status in the United States,” 1993. (Professor, Department of Economics, College of Eastern Utah)