UWM NSEE laboratories include three locations: main campus lab (EMS building 710D), Global Water Center lab (GWC 7th floor) and Innovation Accelerator lab (Room 220). Our major water sensor researches are done in GWC lab, and biosensor works are done in Innovation Accelerator lab. Here is a brief list of our lab capabilities:

  • Electrostatic force-directed assembly
  • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
  • Hielscher UP 200S ultrasonic processor
  • Sonaer 241T 2.4MHz with TEFLON Seals
  • TSI model 3480 with an 210Po ionizer electrospray aerosol generator
  • SMZ-168BP binocular stereo zoom microscope with plain base stand
  • 4200-SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • 2182A Digital Nanovoltmeter & Low Voltage Meters, 6221 AC and DC Current Source, 2602 Source Meter, 6514 Electrometer and 6485 Picoammeter and more
  • Land lithium-ion battery testing systems
  • CH Instruments-760 with rotating disk electrode (RDE) and CHI-600 for electrochemical testing
  • Quantum efficiency measurement kit (Newport; Power Supply, Merlin, Monochromator, Xe Lamp 300 W)
  • IV-Station, PVIV series (Newport; Power Supply, Source Meter, Reference cell, Xe Lamp 150 W)
  • Laser writer
  • Brewer spin coater
  • Oxygen plasma cleaner
  • Primer oven
  • And more.
  • We would like to thank supports from UWM AAF lab, EM lab, TEM lab, GWC public lab and other facilities, for the convenient access of instruments.