Changing the World

The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory is working diligently on creating real-life, affordable solutions to problems that people face every day. The lab, with its vast resources, aims to conduct tests and characterize a broad spectrum of semiconductors and nano-materials for application in nano-electro-optical, mechanical, and photonic devices.

Nanotechnology Lab

The Nanotechnology Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a part of interdisciplinary research that is focused on making scientific advancements in a variety of fields. Founded by Professor Nikolai Kouklin, the Nanotechnology lab conducts research experiments, using state of the art equipment, on topics that range from nanoscale materials fabrication and characterization to bio-nanotechnological assays.


Professor Kouklin and his team are utilizing their research and findings from the Nanotechnology lab to solve everyday problems. The Nanotechnology lab has been working on a range of technologies to help impact a wide variety of areas, from solar cells, energy conversion, military surveillance, IR-detectors, and the fingerprinting of biological molecules.

Nanotechnology Lab

Professor Nikolai Kouklin