Dr. Nambisan’s research interests are in the broad areas of health data analytics, self-care and healing technology platforms and social media and mental well-being. Her current work focuses self-care and healing technology interventions for the aging with multiple chronic conditions and social media mining and data analytics to understand the expression of depression and suicidal intentions among the youth. She is the founder & director of SMAHRT lab and

Research Interests:

  • Social Computing
  • Social Media & Consumer behavior
  • Gerontology and Aging
  • Health Care Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Consumer/Patient Experience in Digital Environments
  • Marketing and Health Communication
  • Predictive Data Analytics & Machine Learning in Health
  • Design, Development and Evaluation of Digital Platforms for Self-Health Management
  • Wellness & Healing Technologies
  • Home Health Technologies for Aging Population with Multiple Chronic Conditions

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