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Why am putting all this LGBT stuff on my webpage? Why is it important?

I have been thinking a lot recently about the apparent lack of positive role models of LGBT people in Mathematics and Science. In particular, I am concerned that if you are a young LGBT person is interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) you might feel that this is something that is not for you, as since you see many of your peers planning to graduate In the Arts or Humanities.

We know that being gay is not just a matter of sexuality, Or even of who we choose to love. It is something that permeates our entire being, and is impossible to separate from the rest of our personality. Perhaps because of this many LGBT people growing up have the feeling that they are different from others.

Often this feeling extends beyond sexuality to a different point of view about the world. Today LGBT people can be found in all professions, in all walks of life. A different point of view about the world is often exactly what is needed for innovation, for success.

So if you feel drawn towards a career in STEM areas, go with your instinct. While others find fulfillment in different ways, this may be how you can best express your creativity.

Many mathematicians find great pleasure in their work, and talk about beautiful or elegant proofs. There is certainly some artistry involved in solving a problem that nobody has been able to solve before. This is the case not only for professional mathematicians but also for mathematicians who are employed in industry.

Milwaukee Gamma

Milwaukee Gamma is an LGBT social organization that I belong to. We are always looking for new members.

Famous Gay Mathematicians and Scientists

If you are interested in role models you can find some resources here Famous Gay Mathematicians and Scientists.

Below are links regarding some people that I find especially interesting.


Alan Turing


Lynn Conway

Born January 2, 1938, is an computer scientist, electrical engineer and transgender activist.


Robert MacPherson

Born May 25, 1944, is a prominent contemporary gay mathematician. Together with his partner Mark Goresky he invented a newway to study singular topological spaces using intersection homology.

  • Robert MacPherson biography on the Simons Foundation webpage. There is a fascinating biography of him on the webpage of the Simons Foundation.
  • Robert MacPherson on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia article is shorter and deals mainly with his honors and acheivements.