The virtual 45th Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics in August 2021 featured current work from UWM Mobility Lab researchers.

The conference was attended by Brooke Slavens, PhD, Alyssa Schnorenberg, MS, Matthew Hanks, PhD, ATC, Joshua Leonardis, PhD, Samantha Schwartz, BS, Caleb Cordes, BA, and Ana Qashqai, MS from August 10-13.

Dr. Slavens and Ms. Schwartz presented a podium lightning talk on their longitudinal study of wrist joint kinematics in pediatric manual wheelchair users. Dr. Hanks presented a poster about his study of methodology for assessment of shoulder joint dynamics and function in pediatric wheelchair athletes. Dr. Leonardis presented two posters, the first on an investigation of shoulder kinematics in youths with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and the second regarding a study of the feasibility of quantitative shoulder ultrasound in pediatric manual wheelchair users. Ms. Schnorenberg presented her poster on a study of the pre- and post-operative thoracohumeral kinematics of single and multi-tendon rotator cuff tears.






















Mobility Lab Research at ASB 2021