Project Team

Anne Bonds

Anne Bonds is Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Geography and an affiliate faculty of the Urban Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is a critical human geographer whose research interests include race, racialization, and racial segregation, urban political economy and community development, and housing studies. She is an editor of the journal Urban Geography and currently serves as Chair of the Urban Geography Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers (AAG). Her work is published in a variety of outlets, including The Annals of the AAG Progress in Human Geography Urban Geography and the Sociological Review

Derek Handley
Derek G. Handley is an assistant professor in the English Department’s Public Rhetorics and Community Engagement program, affiliated faculty in the African and African Diaspora Studies Department, and affiliated faculty in the Urban Studies program.  His research interests are African American Rhetoric and Literature, Black Freedom Movement, and Rhetorical Theory.

Jenny Tasse headshot

Jenny Tasse is a Master of Urban Planning student and Project Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has previously served as the Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council.

Joe Walzer
Joseph B. Walzer, Ph.D. is a Post-Doctoral Fellow for Mapping Racism and Resistance in Milwaukee. He specializes in race and ethnicity in urban history with an emphasis on Milwaukee. He is revising his dissertation, “Making an Old World Milwaukee: German Heritage, Nostalgia, and the Reshaping of the Twentieth Century City,” for publication by a university press.

Research Collaborators

Mapping Prejudice identifies and maps MP identifies and maps racial covenants, clauses that were inserted into property deeds to keep people who were not White from buying or occupying homes in Hennepin County. From the University of Minnesota Libraries, their interdisciplinary team collaborates with community members to expose the history of structural racism and support the work of reparations.

Reggie Jackson headshot

Reggie Jackson is an award-winning journalist, a graduate of Concordia University, co-owner of Nurturing Diversity Partners. In 2022, Reggie joined The Redress Movement as a member of the research team. He won the 2022 Voice of Justice Award from All of Us or None and the 2021 Carter G. Woodson Memorial Award from the National Education Association.

Project Alumni

Kat Kocisky is a Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Studies and Research Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her research focuses on green gentrification, equitable development, and rail-trail transformations.

Isabella Lemieux
Isabella Lemieux is an undergraduate student in Urban Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As well as doing research for this project, she is also an intern with the Smart City initiative in the City of Racine. She is passionate about making our cities more equitable and safer.

Madison Williams
Madison Williams is a Ph.D. student in Public  Rhetorics and Community Engagement at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is a GTA in UWM’s English Department and a Research Assistant.  Her current research interests revolve around technical communication, rhetoric of place,  public rhetorics, and social justice.