fMRI Response Inhibition Training Project (fRIT)


Our main study aims to develop a computer-based treatment program for individuals who experience obsessive-compulsive (e.g., repeated cleaning, checking, arranging, and unwanted mental images and thoughts) and related problems such as compulsive hair pulling or skin picking. The main study, entitled as “fMRI Response Inhibition Training Project”, is an experimental treatment program. Participants in the main study will be randomly assigned to one of the two computer-based treatment programs, which will include 8 to 16 sessions of home-based computer-based training. One of the computer-based programs is intended to improve cognitive functions believed to be important for obsessive-compulsive and related symptoms, while the other computer-based program will be in a placebo condition not designed to improve outcomes. Before and after the training, participants will also be assessed for various emotional and clinical measures and interviews, as well as brain imaging tasks at the Medical College of Wisconsin. There will also be a 1-month follow-up assessment.

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