Welcome to new lab members!

This month we welcome new lab members Brielle, Chandika, and Maddie! We are so excited to have them join the lab, and look forward to working together to design some cool research projects!

Summer pubs

We’ve had a busy summer with lots of papers coming out. Congrats to all!

Yi X, Latch EK (2021) Nonrandom missing data can bias PCA inference of population genetic structure. Molecular Ecology Resources, In Press.

Giglio RM, Rocke TE, Osorio JE, Latch EK (2021) Characterizing patterns of genomic variation in the threatened Utah prairie dog: Implications for conservation. Evolutionary Applications, 14, 1036-1051.

Alminas OSV, Heffelfinger JR, Statham MJ, Latch EK (2021) Phylogeography of Cedros and Tiburon Island mule deer in North America’s desert southwest. Journal of Heredity, 112, 260-275.

Hardy BM, Pope KL, Latch EK (2021) Genomic signatures of demographic declines in an imperiled amphibian inform conservation action. Animal Conservation, Early View.