Tale of Scale

Tale of Scale is a transdisciplinary STEM teaching and outreach program that integrates astronomy, mathematics, and theatre to educate undergraduate students about understanding and communicating space science. The program joins two unlikely subjects⎯Physics and Theatre⎯to teach scale in theuniverse (from the subatomic to the extragalactic) and inspire participants to develop the tools they need to pursue STEM careers. Tale of Scale also provides strong female role models, in order to address the significant disparities that remain between race and genders in STEM employment.

This project is predicated on the belief that bringing science and the arts together provides an alternative entry point to STEM and encourages flexibility and resilience—qualities that are essential for succeeding in STEM. The goal of this project is to extend the curricular pilot of the Tale of Scale project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) developed by Principal Investigators Dr. Jean Creighton, a NASA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador and Director of the UWM Planetarium, and Dr. Robin Mello,
Director of the UWM Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program.

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Meet the Researchers

Jean Creighton

Robin Mello