Preprints of Journal Articles

Preprints of More Recent Journal Publications
(See Principal Publication List for full citation.  In many cases these preprints do not reflect editorial corrections made by the publishers.)

Establishing Values of Time for Freight Trucks in Order to Better Understand the Impact of Toll Policies, 2013

Practical Considerations in Implementing Travel Time Reliability in Regionwide Travel Forecasting, 2012

The Transshipment Problem in Travel Forecasting: Tour Structures Model, 2011

Origin-Destination Table Disaggregation Using Fratar Biproportional Least Squares Estimation, 2010

Experiment to Improve Estimation of Vehicle Queue Length at Metered On-Ramps, 2009

Transferability of Time-Of-Day Choice Modeling for Long-Distance Trips, 2009

Methodologies for Estimating Metered On-Ramp Vehicle Queue Length, 2008

Time-Of-Day Choice Modeling for Long-Distance Trips, 2008

Tests of Dynamic Extensions to a Family of Trip Table Refinements Methods, 2007

An Experimental Measurement of Diversion Owing to Ramp Meters, 2006

The Network Signal Design Problem for Long-Range Travel Forecasting, 2005

Tests of a Family of Trip Table Refinements for Long-Range, Quick-Response Travel Forecasting, 2005

Diversion from a Rural Work Zone Owing to a Traffic-Responsive Variable Message Signage System, 2003

Internodal Delay Issues in Long-Range, Adaptive Traffic Forecasts, 2002

Computational Issues in Increasing Spatial Precision of Traffic Assignments, 2001

Selection of a Traffic Control Strategy for Long-Range Travel Forecasting, 2000

Using GPS Data to Understand Variations in Path Choice, 2000

A Critical Review of Statewide Travel Forecasting Practice, 1999

Through Trip Tables for Small Urban Areas: A Method for Quick Response Travel Forecasting, 1999

Integrating GIS Concepts into Transportation Network Data Structures, 1997

Intersection Delay in Regionwide Traffic Assignment: Implications of the 1994 Update of the Highway Capacity Manual, 1997

Presentation Only: Method for Estimating Useful Life Span of Traffic Signalization Plan, 2008