Doctoral Students

Student name Graduation year Dissertation title Dissertation URL Responsibility

Soohyung Joo



Investigating User Search Tactic Patterns and System Support in Using Digital Libraries Major advisor, Dissertation
Edward Benoit 2014

#MPLP: a Comparison of Domain Novice and Expert User-generated Tags in a Minimally Processed Digital Archive Major advisor, Dissertation
Chunsheng Huang



Understanding Novice Users’ Help-seeking Behavior in Getting Started with Digital Libraries: Influence of Learning Styles Major advisor, Dissertation
Renee Kapusniak 2015

Baby Boomers and Technology: Factors and Challenges in Utilizing Mobile Devices Major advisor, Dissertation
Carol Sabbar 2016

The Information-seeking Strategies of Humanities Scholars Using Resources in Languages Other Than English Major advisor, Dissertation
Hye Jung Han 2017

Understanding Children’s Help-Seeking Behaviors: Effects of Domain Knowledge Major advisor, Dissertation
Maali Alghnimi 2018

Digitization Guidelines for Static & Non-static (Audiovisual) Media: Compliance & Challenges in Academic Libraries Major advisor, Dissertation
Krystyna Matusiak 2010

Use of Digital Resources in an Academic Environment: A Qualitative Study of Students’ Perceptions, Experiences, and Digital Literacy Skills Committee member, Dissertation
Jennifer Stevenson 2017

Social Network Analysis on Wisconsin Archival Facebook Community Committee member, Dissertation
Yuehua Zhao 2018

An Investigation of Autism Support Groups on Facebook Committee member, Dissertation
Yanyan Wang 2018

Analysis of Family-Health-Related Topics on Wikipedia Committee member, Dissertation
Musa Hassan 2019

Consumer Health Information Needs, Seeking and Searching Behavior By Rural Residents in the Kachia Grazing Reserve, with a Focus on Vector-borne Diseases Committee member, Dissertation
Laura Ridenour 2020 Examining the Notion of the Boundary Object in Information Systems: The Transdisciplinary Oeuvre of Cognitive Science Committee member, Dissertation
Yifan Zhu 2021 An Optimization Analysis of the Subject Directory System on the MedlinePlus Portal: An Investigation of Mental Health, Children, Teenagers, and Older Adults Related Health Topics Committee member, Dissertation