The Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Laboratory (FAB-Lab) is part of the Joseph J. Zilber College of Public Health Neuromechanics Laboratories. The FAB-Lab is housed within the Advanced Mobility Biomechanics Laboratory located at the UW-Milwaukee University Services and Research Building.

In the FAB-Lab, we investigate pathoetiological factors and abnormal lower extremity and foot gait mechanics associated with ankle and foot disorders (e.g. foot pain in older adults, plantar heel pain, chronic ankle instability). We are also interested in advancing the understanding of how foot structure and aging affect lower extremity and foot function during gait. An integral component of our research is a seven segment multi-segment foot model that partitions the foot in six functional articulations (Cobb et al., 2009; Cobb et al., 2016).

The goal of our research is to identify modifiable factors that can be targeted during treatment/rehabilitation interventions for patients, and/or in programs aimed at preventing ankle and foot disorders.