Current Students

Alexander Müller-Rakow (University of the Arts Berlin, co-advised with Gesche Joost)


Recently Graduated Students

Sang Won Lee (Ph.D. University of Michigan, co-advised with Walter Lasecki) (Thesis: “Improving User Involvement Through Live Collaborative Creation”) [pdf]

Biqiao Zhang (Ph.D. University of Michigan, co-advised with Emily Mower Provost) (Thesis: “Improving the Generalizability of Speech Emotion Recognition: Methods for Handling Data and Label Variability”) [pdf]

James Juett (Ph.D. University of Michigan) (Thesis: “Using Program Visualization to Illuminate the Notional Machine”) [pdf]

Qi Yang (Ph.D. University of Michigan (Thesis: “Not All Gestures Are Created Equal: Gesture and Visual Feedback in Interaction Spaces”) [pdf]

Xin Fan (M.A. University of Michigan)

Devin Kerr (M.A. University of Michigan)

Patrick O’Keefe (M.A. University of Michigan)