Lab Inhabitants

Erica Young

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Emmanuel Divinagracia – graduate student – Sarracenia purpurea pitcher plant communities: oxygen depletion in pitchers and effects on communities

Temitope Temenu – graduate student – Si cycling in Lake Michigan, algal and cyanobacterial uptake and use of silicate

Kaitlyn Rhyner – Graduate technician – nectar composition of Sarracenia purpurea and effects on microbial communities. Heading to MCW in fall 2024 to start a PhD in neurobiology!

Former inhabitants now doing other stuff…

Andrew Fuchs – Post-doctoral researcher 2020 – 2022. Stable isotope ratio and compound-specific mass spectrometry analysis of pitcher plant food webs.

Jacob Grothjan – PhD 2021 – Pitcher plant communities – composition and functional ecology.  Jake is now a Visiting Assistant Professor at Augustana College,

Allison Driskill – MS 2022 – Silicate use by algae and cycling in nearshore Lake Michigan

Alicia Hanson – MS 2019 – ecology of freshwater viruses

Chang-Jae Choi – PhD  – toxin detection using algal chl a fluorescence, flow cytometry

Jason Berg – MS  Invasive buckthorn ecology in Cedarburg Bog

    • – postdoctoral associate – wetland ecology and invasive species. Now teaching at St Norbert College, WI

Chelsea Lowes – grad student – use of P forms by phytoplankton (defended July 2009!). Now at NOAA

Terry Bott – grad student – pitcher plant ecology (defended Aug 2007!) – now teaching at UWM and MATC

Lori Pansch – research technician (2006 – 2007) – APA regulation – now at WI DNR

Former undergrad research students

Kaitlyn Rhyner

Amanda Holzer

Christian Stiyer

Zac Driscoll – undergrad research experience student – Use of P sources by algae

Jessi Sielicki – undergrad researcher – hydrolytic enzymes in pitcher plants

Kaytee Pokrzywinski  – undergrad research experience student – Si cycling in LakeJason Mills

Tyler Dassey (2008-9) –undergrad research experience student – Use of P sources by algae

Nicolas Nadelhoffer (2008) – undergrad research intern hydrology of Cedarburg Bog

Amy Rymaszewski (2008) – undergrad researcher – algae, cyanobacteria, pitcher plants

Pamela Stogsdill (2008) – undergrad researcher – dendrochronology (with UWMFS)

Leah Klatt (2007) Shrub traits database for Cedarburg Bog vegetation analysis (with UWMFS)

Lizz Waring (2007) Herb traits database for Cedarburg Bog vegetation analysis (with UWMFS)

Mary McQuiggin (2007) GIS Plant community mapping in Cedarburg Bog (with UWMFS)

Jason Schroeder (2007) GIS landscape classification of wetland catchment (with UWMFS)

Danielle Sippel (2007) Wetland vegetation – tamarack and invasive buckthorn (with UWMFS)

Jamie Smith (2006) Pitcher plant ultrastructure using SEM (with Heather Owen EM Lab)

Rebecca Tucker (REU 2006) APA in Cladophora – now grad student at Purdue University!

Marie Barabas (2006) Diatom photosynthesis

Teresa Roth (REU 2005) Cladophora P use

Brett Floyd (REU 2004) Cladophora nutrient status

Vanessa Ash (2004) Freezing stress in Cladophora

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