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The focus of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DSAIL) is to develop computational approaches that combine human expertise with data-analytic models to solve complex problems, such as improving health outcomes. DSAIL strives to enhance people’s health and well-being by designing software that will help identify health problems early, suggest a plan of action, and provide evidence that justifies that plan. This software could help to prevent hospitalization because of early intervention when symptoms first arise. Not only would this software have a positive effect on patients like the elderly, but also on caregivers and the health care system. These methods could also be applied to other domains, such as manufacturing or finance, to help make the best use of resources.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The mission of DSAIL is to connect the computer science disciplines with other domains, such medicine or nursing, through the advancement of decision support technology, multimodal human-machine communication, planning, robotics, advanced data analytics, and to translate scientific advances into practice. Through research and training the goal of DSAIL is to create software that can be made with  focus on human beings.


By designing software that would enhance human health and well-being, such as earlier detection of health problems DSAIL’s software would help identify solutions to important problems or enhance the effectiveness of existing approaches. Early and better targeted intervention can lead to improved outcomes without increasing costs, thus reducing the burden on individuals, their families, and society.


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Dr. Susan McRoy