Help a Child on the Autism Spectrum with Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism spectrum disorders are biologically based and so it is most important to discover the mechanisms to address the disorder.  Why?  First, it is better for the children and their families.  Second, there are other important activities for applied behavior analysts.

In the meantime, the best approach for helping children on the spectrum is applied behavior analysis. This approach has the most empirical support.  Although behavior analysis does not “cure” the disorder,  it does help children reach their full potential

For some 20 years, students in my applied behavior analysis courses have been working for companies that provide services for children on the spectrum.  This has been a labor of love for many of my students and me!  Although I retired in 2014, I continue to place students so that they may earn and learn. Interested?  Below are the instuctions and a radio interview with a service provider and a student.

Instructions for Placement

So You Want to Help a Child with an Autism Diagnosis and Earn College Credit?


Conducted Spring 2008, on WUWM Radio, with Dr. Jeff Crisco of the Autism Behavioral Network and Jonie Fedie (Magner) a student in Psychology 502–Applied Behavior Analysis.