Metallography Contest Winner!!! (May 2017)  Congrats to Elmer Prenzlow for taking “Best in Show” at the ASM-Milwaukee Chapter Metallography Contest

Here’s Elmer in the MSE microscopy lab where he took his award-winning photos.

TMS Scholarship Winner (March 2017):  Congrats, Liz, for receiving this scholarship from TMS!

Lizeth Nayibe Ortiz Reyes, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, receives the AIME Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship from AIME President, Nikhil Trivedi (March 21, 2017,  Photo provided by TMS)

Dr. Shengyi Li (Dec 2016):  Shengyi completed his PhD.  Way to go!  It’s been wonderful working with you over the years and we all wish you the best of luck as you move on from UWM to make your contributions to the field of Materials Science.


NACE Chicago Section Award (Jan 2016):  Congratulations to Shengyi Li and Ryan Seidler for receiving a $2,500 scholarship each from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Chicago Section.  Ryan was not able to attend the award presentation in person.


Shengyi Li standing with Joe Tassone from Peoples Gas and NACE Chicago Section Chairman


Poster Competition (Apr 2015): Congratulations to Steve Acker and Lizeth Ortiz for receiving the Honorable Mention on the CEAS Undergraduate Research Competition 2015.  Poster “Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Steels in High Temperature Coking Atmosphere”.



Poster Competition (Apr 2015):  Congratulations to Nisrit Pandey and Bryce Erwin for receiving a Blue Ribbon on the  UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Competion 2015.  Poster “Dependence of Viscosity of Electrolyte Solutions of Lithium Ion Batteries on Low Temperatures”


Mentor of the Year Nomination (Apr 2015):  Dr. Church received a nomination from the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research for undergraduate “Mentor of the Year”.

Scholarship Recipient (Apr 2015): Congratulations to Nisrit Pandey for receiving the KleinOsowski Honors College Scholarship.

Study-Abroad (Feb 2015): Good luck to Bryce Erwin on his trip to Germany to study-abroad.
New Group Member (Jan 2015): The Church Group welcomes Lizeth Ortiz – Chemical Engineering and guest undergraduate researcher visiting from Colombia.

Back in the Group (Jan 2015): Welcome back Steve Acker – MSE student and undergraduate researcher.  Returning to work in the lab after an awesome co-op experience at Modine Manufacturing.

ASM – Milwaukee Teachers Grant (Oct 2014):  Dr. Church presented the award to the selected winners.


Pictured are a few of the teacher award winners from left to right: Edith Fork, St. Thomas More HS; Kathy Stelling, St. Thomas More HS; Alyssa Blum, Ozaukee HS; David Bartlet, Superintendent, Kettle Moraine Lutheran Schools (on behalf of Matthew Moeller from Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS) with Ben Church, UW-Milwaukee.


New Group Member (Sep 2014): The Church Group welcomes Sicong Jiang – MSE student and undergraduate researcher.

New Group Member (Sep 2014): The Church Group welcomes Nisrit Pandey – MSE student and undergraduate researcher.
Mentor of the Year Nomination (Spring 2014): Dr. Church received a nomination from the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research.
New Group Member (May 2014): A big welcome to Bryce Erwin who is starting in the group as an undergraduate researcher.

Technology Licensing Award (Mar 2014):  Congratulations Dr. Campbell and Dr. Church for receiving this award.

St. Thomas More High School Senior Service Week (Feb 2014):   Dr. Church and his group hosted two high school students, Marco and Rachel, from St. Thomas More High School during this week.


“Student Success Award Fall 2013” award (Nov 2013):   Dr. Church was selected by students to receive this award.  It is given to those the students find instrumental in their academic career success.  MAP-Works Fall Transition Survey.

“U Wisconsin-Milwaukee researchers develop wrench to save gas workers from injury:” article (Nov 2013):  Tech Transfer eNews Blog, a free online companion to Technology Transfer Tactics, published this article regarding  Dr. Campbell, Dr. Church, Patrick Dix, et. al. wrench research.

“UWM researchers throw a new wrench into the system” article (Oct 2013):  The Business section of Milwaukee Journal published an articleregarding the research and development of a wrench intended to reduce gas-meter technicians’ injuries designed by Dr. Campbell,  Dr. Church, Patrick Dix

New group member (Sep 2013):  The Church group welcomes Wyatt Hereford – MSE student and undergraduate researcher.

Graduation time (May 2013):   Congratulations to Alysha A. Brouer for completing her Bachelor in Science, Materials Engineering.

New group member (Apr 2013):  The Church group welcomes Steven Acker – MSE student and undergraduate researcher.

Graduation time (Dec 2012):  
Congratulations to Kyle Kalbus for completing his Master Degree in Materials Engineering.

Graduation and Excellence Award (Dec 2012):   Congrats to Dan Kaminski for his dual Bachelor in Science Degree in Materials Engineering and Chemistry in addition to receiving the College of Engineering and Applied Science Academic Excellence Award.

New group members (Sept 2012):   The Church Group welcomes Shengyi Li and Alysha A. Brouer.

Scholarship Award (Jul 2012):  Congratulations to Dan Kaminski for receiving the ASM-International Ladish Co. Foundation Scholarship.

New group member (Jul 2012): The Church Group welcomes Anwar Aglan.

New group member (Jun 2012):  The Church Group welcomes Daniel Uphoff.

“Excellence in Energy Storage R&D” article and video (Jun 2012):  Video about Jonhson Controls state of the art dry lab located at UW-Milwaukee explaining capabilities and objectives.


Graduation Time (May 2012): Congratulations to Saboura Rokhsari for completing her Master Degree.
UWM CEAS Research Fair (Apr 2012): Yangping Sheng and Dan Kaminski presented posters at UWM CEAS Research Fair.


BC Church Microscopy Contest (Apr 2012):  Dan Kaminski wins the 2nd annual BC Church Microscopy contest.


UW-Milwaukee College of Engineering & Applied Science Promotional Video (Mar 2012):  Dr. Church, Kyle Kalbus, and Dan Kaminski appeared in a UWM-College of Engineering & Applied Science promotional video.


CEAS Alumni Banquet (Mar 2012):  Dr. Church was presented the 2012 CEAS Excellence in Teaching Award at the Harley Davidson Museum during the CEAS Alumni Banquet.


2012 CEAS Excellence in Teaching Award (Jan 2012):  Dr. Church was selected to receive the 2012 CEAS Excellence in Teaching Award at the CEAS Alumni Banquet in March 2012.

Graduation Time (Dec 2011):  Congratulations to Doctor Humberto Mendoza for completing his PhD.

Ph.D. Proposal (Dec 2011):  Saboura Rokhsari passed her PhD proposal, congrats!

DOE awards 1.5 million to UWM (Oct 2011): Dr. Church is a co-PI for the DOE-sponsored Industrial Assessment Center.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is one of 24 universities nationwide selected to help train students for jobs while helping local businesses cut energy waste.

The Department of Energy is awarding $30 million over five years to 24 universities, including $1.5 million to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

UWM will re-establish an “industrial assessment center” program to train engineering students in energy management concepts. As part of the project, engineering faculty and students plan to consult with small and medium-size manufacturers, assessing their energy use and identifying recommendations for opportunities to reduce waste.”


JCI and UW parternship (Jul 2011):  Dr. Church was mentioned in the JCI and UW partneship announcement.


Undergraduate Oustanding Award (May 2011): Dan Kaminski won the undergraduate award for Outstanding Performance in Analytical Chemistry.

BC Church Microscopy Contest (May 2011): Saboura Rokhsari tied for second place on the B.C.Church Microscopy contest.


UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium (Apr 2011):  Dan Kaminski participated in the UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Poster “Determination of a Chemical Etchant for the Observation of Solidification Microstructure in a Low-Lead Copper Casting Alloy.”