HIST 204 – Primary Sources for Papers (2017)

Here are links to a selection of primary sources for the research paper topics:

1.  First Crusade in Jerusalem, 1099:

Gesta francorum (“The Deeds of the Franks”), The siege of Jerusalem, 1099

Fulk of Chartres, The capture of Jerusalem, 1099

The siege and capture of Jerusalem, 1099: Collected accounts

Two Muslim accounts of the conquest of Jerusalem by the Franks, AH 492 [AD 1099]


2.  England in 1215:

John’s concession of England to Pope Innocent III, 1213

Roger of Wendover: The battle of Bouvines, 1214

William the Breton (chaplain to Philip Augustus): The battle of Bouvines, 1214

Roger of Wendover: Runnymede, 1215

Magna Carta

Photographs of Rochester Castle (besieged by John in 1215)

[Only the photographs of the castle — NOT the text — represent primary sources.]


3.  Inquisition in S. France, 1300-1320:

Translations from the Inquisition Register of  Jacques Fournier

(Be sure to read Prof. Nancy P. Stork’s notes on Bishop Fournier)

Bernard Gui: On the Albigensians

Bernard Gui: Inquisitorial technique

Collection of sources on heresy and inquisition in S. France in the early fourteenth century
(I have put another copy of this site here)


4.  Black Death in Paris:

Six accounts of the pestilence in France (including Paris), Italy, and England

Report of the medical faculty of the University of Paris, 1348