The UWM Paleomagnetic Lab is located in Lapham Hall Room 359.  It is equipped with a 2G 755SRMS superconducting rock magnetometer which is housed in a shielded room built by Lodestar Magnetics.  Equipment for standard thermal and alternating field demagnetization, paleointensity analysis, and anisotropy studies is available.  If you are interested in using the lab, please contact Julie Bowles.

2G Enterprises 755SRMS Superconducting Rock Magnetometer
4.2 cm sample access bore with manual sample holder.  Can simultaneously measure all three directional components of magnetization with a dynamic range of ~1 x 10-12 Am2 to 2 x 10-3 Am2.

Molspin Minispin Spinner Magnetometer

ASC Thermal Demagnetizer
Has field coil for TRM acquisition and insert for experiments under inert gas or vacuum.

ASC D-2000 Alternating Field Demagnetizer
AC fields from 0 – 200 mT
DC fields from 0 – 1.5 mT
Optional tumbler unit available.

ASC Impulse Magnetizer
DC fields from 0 – 2.7 T

MFK1 Kappabridge suceptibility bridge
With sample rotator for anisotropy experiments and furnace attachment for measuring susceptibility as a function of temperature.

Magnetically shielded room by Lodestar Magnetics
See slide show of room construction.