Driving Innovation in Big Data Analytics & Visualization
The research in the lab is focused on developments of new computational approaches and software tools for various types of massive data processing, data mining and visualization using both knowledge-based and data-driven techniques. In particular, we have been developing machine learning and deep neural networks for image processing, natural language processing, and 3D geometric shape modeling and visualization, and applying these methods to biomedical research problems (i.e., wound analysis, spine modeling, tumor diagnosis, knee arthroplasty) and many others. We are also interested in building mobile-device-based applications for smart and connected systems and internet of things.

Our work is supported by NIH, NBCR, GE, MCW, and UWM’s Research Foundation. We welcome collaboration in areas of mutual interest from academic/clinical organizations and industrial partners.


  • [12/21/2019] We will organize a panel session in data science at the Milwaukee Engineering Research Conference (MERC) on February 27, 2020. Speakers from academia and industrial will share their ideas on recent advances and opportunities in data science.
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