NONPROF 999: Independent Study

Credits are awarded for academic activities pursued outside the formal classroom setting under the supervision of a faculty member of the department. The activities may include reading, research, or special projects.


To enroll in an independent study, students must have:

  1. a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher,
  2. written consent of the supervising professor and the Public and Nonprofit Administration department chair


The procedures for undertaking an independent study are as follows:

  • Students register in course number 9999 (for 1-3 credits) after preparing, with the approval of the supervising professor, a statement (study proposal) describing the plan of study. The study proposal must be a supervising instructor and forwarded to the PNA Department Chair. The PNA Independent Study Form is available to download.
  • The study proposal must define the focus of the independent study, specify the academic requirements, and outline the criteria that will be used to assign the student’s grade. Generally, the student’s academic requirement may consist of any of the following: a final paper, a compiled dataset and/or results of data analysis, computational output, an oral report, an exam, or other output as agreed to with the faculty advisor of the independent study.