I am a recovering economist working at the intersection of entrepreneurship-, civil society-, and nonprofit organization studies.   I am particularly interested in applications of the classical economic entrepreneurship perspectives (e.g. Schumpeter, Von Mises, Knight) to nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector, and how entrepreneurship theory can help us analyze, comprehend, and ask new questions about the emergence, internal organization, and resource mobilization of new social ventures. My current research is focused on nascent nonprofit entrepreneurship, the innovativeness of new nonprofit organizations, and education entrepreneurship. I also have a long-standing research interest in nonprofit governance, examining questions such as: who really governs nonprofit organizations, can nonprofit boards serve as entrepreneurial agents, what is the role of power and politics in shaping the governance function of nonprofits? Also, thanks to my colleague Mike Ford, I have developed a keen interest in the American public education system.

Below you will find examples of some of my published and unpublished works. Full details regarding my publications are available on my CV.

Articles in refereed journals

Andersson, F.O., & Neely, D. (forthcoming) Examining the Role and Diversity of Fiscal Sponsors in the Nonprofit Sector. Accepted for publication in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Ford, M., & Andersson, F.O. (forthcoming). Determinants of Organizational Failure in the Milwaukee School Voucher Program. Accepted for publication in Policy Studies Journal.

Willems, J., Andersson, F.O., Jegers, M., & Renz, D.O. (forthcoming). A Coalition Perspective on Nonprofit Governance Quality: Analyzing Dimensions of Influence in an Exploratory Comparative Case Analysis. Accepted for publication in Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations.

Andersson, F.O., & Ford, M. (forthcoming). Social Entrepreneurship Through an Organizational Ecology Lens: Examining the Emergence and Evolution of the Voucher School Population in Milwaukee. Accepted for publication in Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations.

Andersson, F.O (2016). Nascent Nonprofit Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Formative Stage of Emerging Nonprofit Organization. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 45(4), 806–824.

Andersson, F.O., & Self, W. (2015). The Social Entrepreneurship Advantage: An Experimental Study of Social Entrepreneurship and Perceptions of Nonprofit Effectiveness. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 26(6), 2718-2732.

Chapters in books

Andersson, F.O. (2015). Ideella Styrelser och Socialt Entreprenörskap: Möjligheter och Utmaningar [Nonprofit Boards of Trustees and Social Entrepreneurship: Possibilities and Challenges]. In Ola Segnestam Larsson (Ed.). Förtroendevald. Åtta Forskare Om Möjligheter och Utmaningar för Förtroendevalda i Ideell Sektor (pp. 139-171), Stockholm: Idealistas Förlag.

Renz, D.O. & Andersson F.O. (2014). Nonprofit Governance: A Review of the Field. In Christopher Cornforth & William Brown (Eds.). Nonprofit Governance Research: Innovative Perspectives and Approaches (pp. 17-46), London: Routledge.

Andersson, F.O. (2013). Studying nonprofit entrepreneurship from a behavioral perspective. Introductory comments prepared for the reissue of If Not for Profit, for What by Dennis R. Young (pp. xxi-xxiv), Originally published 1983 by Lexington Books: Lexington, MA.

Other publications

Andersson, F.O. & Edenfield, A. (2015). Nonprofit Governance and the Power of Things. The Nonprofit Quarterly, 22(2), 52-59.

Andersson, F.O. (2014) The Nascent Nonprofit Organization—What Happens Before a Nonprofit Is Born? The Nonprofit Quarterly, 21(4) 10-15.

Andersson, F.O. (2012). New Frontiers and Critical Questions: Moving Governance Research Forward. The Nonprofit Quarterly, 19(4), 92-96.

Andersson, F.O. (2011). Social Entrepreneurship as Fetish. The Nonprofit Quarterly, 18(2), 64-68.

Working papers

Media Coverage

Our research on voucher school closure was mentioned in the Washington Post Article, “Trump’s perplexing comments about education” (8/19/16)

Discussion of our voucher school closure research on the Fordham Institute’s Flypaper Blog (5/25/16) and The Education Gadfly Show (5/18/16)

Commentary on the voucher school closure research on “Upfront with Mike Gousha” on WISN 12 (5/15/16).