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Driving Innovation in Advanced Materials

New materials and advanced processing technologies can lead to product innovation and business competitiveness. However, it can take decades for a new material to advance from initial discovery to commercialization. The Center of Excellence (CoE) in Advanced Materials & Manufacturing (AMM) is a collaborative initiative led by UWM faculty with a goal of forming a state-wide cluster of experts in advanced materials research and technologies among Wisconsin’s 400+ academic researchers, 100+ research labs and 1,000+ students-across academic institutions.

The proposed CoE AMM will provide solutions and accelerated implementation of advanced materials into manufacturing processes while helping build and train the workforce for next-generation materials and processes.

 “Much of  Wisconsin’s manufacturing strength rests on our ability to create structures, machines, tools and parts from a diverse portfolio of materials, using state-of-the art processes in companies throughout the state. This strength depends on our ability to adapt as new materials transform the landscape. We believe that the CoE AMM will become a critical element of our future success and we look forward to joining the cause as lead members.”
Buckley Brinkman, Executive Director/CEO

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Nidal Abu-Zahra, PhD
(414) 229-2668

The CoE AMM is advancing to the next step with a proposal to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation for funding. Your support is important.Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions or contact Dr. Abu-Zahra to learn more.

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