Interdisciplinary Aging Research Seminar

Interdisciplinary Again Research

Sponsored by the UWM Office of Research through the Collaborative Research Team Development Awards, we are organizing a seminar on “Soft and Continuum Robots: Potential Trends and Challenges”.

The guest speaker, Dr. Isuru Godage, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing and the director of the Robotics and Medical Engineering (RoME) Laboratory at DePaul University.

Soft and continuum robots have a great potential on the applications of human-safety, minimally invasive surgeries, medical diagnosis, co-robots in human spaces, and search and rescue operations. In this talk, Dr. Godage will focus on the state of the art soft and continuum robotics in terms of design and modeling including challenges, the latest trends as well as novel sensing technological advances that could transform and extend the reach of soft robots.

Please join us in the seminar 10-11am on Monday, August 13th, at EMS E250.

If you will attend, please RSVP by clicking this link by August 9th (Thursday). This will help us provide enough coffee and refreshment!

Organized by Aging Research Collaborative Team: Wonchan Choi, Information Studies; Yura Lee, Social Welfare; Hyunkyoung Oh, Nursing; Jinsung Wang, Health Sciences; and Zhi Zheng, CEAS