Midwest Conference on Lie Algebras and Related Topics

May 5-6, 2001

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will host a conference, “Lie Algebras and Related Topics”, May 5-6, 2001. Graduate students are especially encouraged to participate. The conference will be supported by a grant from the National Security Agency and some funding for graduate student participants is available.

If you plan to attend the conference, please contact Ian Musson or Yi Ming Zou at the address provided below. A block of rooms has been reserved at Park East Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. To make your reservation, please mention that you are coming for the conference “Lie Algebras and Related Topics”, the rates are $62 per day for a single room and $69 per day for a double room. The deadline for making reservations is 4-15-2001.

Schedule (all talks will be held in the EMS building, Room E495A)

Saturday, May 5

  • 11am-12noon, Ivan Penkov (University of California Riverside), Constructing generalized Harish-Chandra modules via the Zuckerman functor
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm, Vera Serganova (University of California Berkeley), Some new results in representation theory of Lie superalgebras
  • 3:00pm-4:00pm, Jacob Towber (Depaul University (Chicago)), Weyl multi-polarizations and Zelevinsky’s Jacobi-Trudi complex
  • 4:30pm-5:30pm, Andrei Zelevinsky (Northeastern University), An introduction to cluster algebras

Sunday, May 6

  • 9:00am-10:00am, Paul Terwilliger (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Two linear transformations each tridiagonal with respect to an eigenbasis of the other.
  • 10:30am-11:30am, Gail Letzter (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), What can you do with quantum symmetric pairs?
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm, Tim Hodges (University of Cincinnati), Symplectic foliations of poisson groups

Contact Information

Hotel, Transportation and Map

  • Park East Hotel
    916 East State Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53201
    414-276-8800 (phone)
    414-765-1919 (fax)
  • From Mitchell Field International Airport to downtown Milwaukee
    If you are arriving at the Mitchell Field International Airport in Milwaukee, there are several ways to get to downtown.There is a shuttle service, Limousine Services, (414) 769-2444, which leaves from the airport drive between baggage claim areas 2 & 3. During most hours, there will be someone there to direct you to the shuttle; during off hours, there is a phone you can use to call the shuttle. This shuttle costs $9.50 to downtown ($18 roundtrip) and departs roughly every 20 minutes from the airport. Reservations are not needed to travel from the airport to your hotel; however, they may be needed for the return trip. The shuttle leaves downtown hotels for the airport roughly every 30 minutes. If you plan to take the shuttle to or from UWM, the location of the conference is the EMS (Engineering & Math Sciences) building at 3200 N. Cramer St. (at the corner of Cramer & Hampshire). We recommend making reservations if you will take the shuttle from UWM to the airport.

    There are several taxicab companies in Milwaukee. There are cabs waiting to pick up passengers at the airport; you may wish to make reservations for your return to the airport. Three cab companies are City Veteran Cab, (414)384-8294 or (414)291-8080; Yellow Cab, (414)271-1800; Checker Taxi, (414)438-1638. Others can be found in the phone book. The cost of a trip from the airport to downtown is roughly $20 + tip; the policy on extra passengers varies. (For example, Yellow Cab quoted a flat rate of $15 to downtown plus $.50 for each extra passenger; it would be wise to confirm any rate with the driver.) It has been suggested that for 3 (or even 2) or more passengers, a cab may be a better option than the shuttle.

  • From Park East Hotel to the EMS (Engineering & Math Sciences) building (conference location) at 3200 N. Cramer St. (at the corner of Cramer & Hampshire).Park East Hotel has shuttle bus service around downtown area, contact the hotel.
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus map
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    3D color campus map (customized for math) (with directory)
  • Bus information: Milwaukee-Chicago United Limo Inc


    Parking is free on Saturdays in the parking lot just north of the Engineering & Math Sciences (EMS) building at the corner of N Cramer St and E Hartford Ave (enter from Hartford Ave). Parking on campus is free in all the parking lots around the EMS building on Sundays. However there may be special arrangements due to some events on campus, please check the instructions on the lot you park. Parking is also available on the streets nearby, most of them are free on Saturdays and Sundays.