My research is mostly in the philosophy of language (speech acts, discourse structure, multidimensionality, propositional anaphora, context-sensitivity). But frequent forays are also made into metaphysics (personal ontology, explanation) and epistemology (inquiry, contextualism, testimony). You can find preprints of my papers at philpapers and

In preparation

In various stages of completion or review, I have a paper on animalism (with Andrew Bailey), another paper on animalism (with Andrew Bailey and Allison Krile Thornton), a paper on performativity, a paper on inquiry (with Yasha Sapir), a paper on evidentiality and speech acts, and an edited volume with Oxford University Press on unstructured theories of content (with Andy Egan and Dirk Kindermann).

Research articles
* = invited

  1. (forthcoming). Representing knowledge. The Philosophical Review.
  2. (forthcoming). That-clauses and propositional anaphors. Philosophical Studies.
  3. (forthcoming). The linguistic basis for propositions. Routledge Handbook of Propositions. (ed.) C. Tillman. Routledge.*
  4. (forthcoming). Testimony and grammatical evidentials. Routledge Handbook of Social Epistemology. (eds.) M. Fricker, P. Graham, D. Henderson, N. Pedersen, J. Wyatt. Routledge.*
  5. (2020). Hedged assertion (with Matthew Benton). Oxford Handbook of Assertion. (ed.) S. Goldberg. Oxford University Press.*
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  7. (2020). What the metasemantics of know is not. Linguistics and Philosophy 43 (1): 69-82.
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  9. (2018). Contrast and constitution. Philosophical Quarterly 68 (270): 158-174.
  10. (2015). Humean laws and circular explanation (with Michael Hicks). Philosophical Studies 172 (2): 433-443.


  • (forthcoming). Review of Semantics for Reasons by Bryan Weaver and Kevin Scharp (with Daniel Fogal). Ethics.

Pedagogical articles