I am an assistant professor in philosophy and associated faculty in linguistics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

My PhD in philosophy is from Rutgers University where my dissertation was co-advised by Jeffrey King and Ernest Lepore and I was a member of the semantics group at the Center for Cognitive Science. Prior to that, I earned a master’s in philosophy at Northern Illinois University and a bachelor’s in philosophy from Biola University.

My research is mostly in the philosophy of language and neighboring corners of metaphysics and epistemology. Recurring topics of interest include propositional anaphora, the interpretive effects of discourse structure, evidentiality, the dispensability of speech acts in linguistic theorizing, and for something different, metaphysical explanation. I am currently writing a book about epistemic hedging.

Prospective students for UW-Milwaukee’s master’s degree in philosophy should consider the language and linguistics emphasis. No terminal master’s program in philosophy offers anything similar.