The Three Kings: Applying a Contemporary Concept Onto an Old Story

Isabelle Flores, “The Three Kings: Applying a Contemporary Concept Onto an Old Story”
Mentor: Alvaro Rios, Theatre

Theatre is a unique way to bring people together from various age groups and communities. Different types of people sit in a small space to see concepts that they enjoy, are meaningful to them, that disturb them, and where they can also walk away with a lesson learned. For the Three Kings Day study, we are researching the Three Kings holiday (also known as the Three Wise Men or the Three Magi) with the intent of writing a new theatrical script for a contemporary audience. With the use of online sources and book sources, information about this holiday is being collected and compared. Theatrical plays relating to the Three Kings, including Christmas nativity plays, will be analyzed as well. By looking at these types of plays, we will consider plot concepts that already have been done and concepts that have not been done. The anticipated outcome for this study is to create scenes about the Three Kings themselves using the collected information. With so many ethnic communities living in a vast country like the United States, sometimes traditions such as holidays and their importance are lost with new generations. In 2017, a study was conducted showing that 60% of first-generation Latinos living in the United States are involved in their ethnicity’s traditions; among second generations, only 49% are, and for the third generation, 35% are involved (Lopez). With this work, the aspiration is to have people want to learn about holidays and customs from various cultures. This work will also have people ponder about the holidays that they celebrate; why do they celebrate certain holidays and the importance it brings to their families or their cultures.


  1. The work sounds promising for the future. Yet, it is incomplete about the upcoming script (no clear details or even outlines). Also, the methodology did not emphasize on the selection of the resources and their credibility check.
    I wish to see that work to be done in the upcoming semesters. Best of luck!

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