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Current Research Projects

Socioeconomic Disadvantage, Adverse Birth Outcomes and Fetal Programming of Inflammation (R21MD012345-01A1)
This study aims to examine whether maternal socioeconomic disadvantage at both the individual- and neighborhood-level experienced during pregnancy is associated with a pro-inflammatory phenotype in children at birth, assess the role that adverse birth outcomes including preterm or small for gestational age birth play in explaining this association and assess whether these relationships differ by offspring sex.
Prenatal socioeconomic disadvantage, epigenetic modifications and fetal programming of inflammatory response
This study examines the association between socioeconomic disadvantage experienced at both the individual- and area-level during the prenatal period and DNA methylation in children at birth among 1000 babies born to White British and Pakistani mothers in the UK-based Born in Bradford cohort.
Dear Pandemic: A social-media based COVID-19 science communication campaign 
This campaign ( aims to 1) disseminate trustworthy, comprehensive, and timely scientific content about the pandemic to lay audiences via social media, and 2) promote media literacy and information hygiene practices, equipping readers to better manage the COVID 19 infodemic within their own networks. Data being collected as part of this campaign is also serving to answer questions at the forefront of research on the study of information management in the context of a global pandemic.

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