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Simanek Research Group in the News

FDA weighs booster shot recommendations as COVID-19 cases see slight dip (2021) by Rob Ferret for Central Time on Wisconsin Public Radio, October 8th;

As the Delta Variant Surges, Here’s What We Know About the Risk at Wisconsin’s COVID Hotspots Like Prisons, Nursing Homes, Schools and More (2021) by Madeline Heim for Green Bay Press Gazette, August 27th;

This School Year is Going to Be a Mess…Again (2021) by Sarah Zhang for The Atlantic, August 23rd;

Vaccines Are Like Sunscreen … No, Wait, Airbags … No, Wait …Everyone is bad at describing the vaccines, including me (2021) by Katherine J. Wu for The Atlantic, August 13th;

Science is Easier Than Trust (2021) by Roxanne Patel Shepalevy for The Philadelphia Citizen, August 12th;

‘Those nerdy girls’ from Philadelphia, all female scientists, tackle COVID questions (2021) by Sarah Gantz for The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 6th;

We Are On Lockdown Again At Our House….Because Delta Variant (2021) by Elizabeth Broadbent for Scary Mommy, July 28th;

‘It’s limbo’: Parents stuck between two COVID-19 worlds as young kids remain unvaccinated (2021) by Adrianna Rodriguez, Alia E. Dastagir and Erin Richards for USA Today, July 14th;

Understanding the Delta Variant (2021) by Rob Ferret for Central Time Wisconsin Public Radio, June 25th;

Eight Tips for Planning the Perfect Post-Vaccination Vacation (2021) by Teddy Minford for Martha Stewart Living, June 17th;

Will Schools and Day Cares Require Masks or COVID-19 Vaccines in Fall 2021? (2021) by Erin Richards and Alia Wong for USA Today, June 17th;

‘I don’t know what to do’: Even Wisconsin’s Health Experts Aren’t Always Sure When to Wear a Mask. We Asked Five How They Decide (2021) by Madeline Heim for Post Crescent, June 17th;

A social approach to fighting COVID-19 misinformation (2021) by Laura Otto for UWM Alumni Special Edition, Spring 2021;

 The CDC’s Guidelines on Mask Wearing Have Created Confusion. Here are Answers to 12 of the Most Common Questions (2021) by Devi Shastri for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 14th;

Immunocompromised Lawmaker Not Allowed to Work Remotely During COVID: ‘Feels Like You’re Not Valued’ (2021) by Sean Neumann for People, May 11th;

Those Nerdy Girls of Dear Pandemic, Sick Individuals/Sick Populations: An IAPHS Podcast by Aresha Martinez-Cardoso, Darrell Hudson, and Michael Esposito for the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science, April 15th 2021;

A social approach to fighting COVID-19 misinformation by Laura Otto for UWM Research Magazine, March 12th 2021;

Dear Pandemic:’ Local researchers commit to COVID-19 facts by Kasey Chronis for Fox 6 News, January 6th 2021;

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