Grads Awarded GSA Research Grants

Rakiba Sultana (PhD student) and Leah Dechant (MS student) were awarded $2,700 and $2,378, respectively, in support of their graduate research projects for the summer of 2022 by the Geological Society of America.  Rakiba’s research proposal is focused on the mobility of uranium in groundwater. Leah’s research proposal is focused on the transport of road salt from groundwater to surface water.

Rakiba Sultana

Leah Dechant

New SURF Undergrad Research Fellows for Spring 2022

Amanda Dahms, Justin Peschman, and Samuel Sellars have been awarded SUPPORT FOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWS (SURF) for the Spring 2022 semester.  Their research projects are as follows:

  • Amanda Dahms’ project: “Sorption and Desorption Kinetics of 2-NS Groundwater Tracer”
  • Justin Peschman’s project: “Field Testing of Microplastics Sampler for Groundwater”
  • Samuel Sellars’ project: “Road Salt Transport from Groundwater to Surface Water in Southeastern Wisconsin”

Dylan Childs Awarded UWM Research Fellowship for Spring 2021

Milwaukee Column prototype showing Mariotte bottle influent, sand-packed PVC column, and bucket effluent.

Dylan Childs was awarded a UWM Support for Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) for Spring 2021.  This award will allow Dylan to conduct paid research activities associated with establishing a simple, effective, and affordable apparatus for one-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport in porous media, i.e., The Milwaukee Column (prototype apparatus shown at left).