Faculty Article on Tracers-Based Separation of Advection and Dispersion

Dr. Paradis and Rakiba Sultana (PhD Candidate) published a Geoscience Faculty Article titled, Tracer-based Separation of Advection and Dispersion from Breakthrough Curves.  The article describes a method to remove advection and dispersion from the breakthrough curve of a potentially reactive solute to visualize and quantify reactivity, all without the need to solve the advection-dispersion-reaction equation or transform true concentrations.  The article can be found here: https://dc.uwm.edu/geosci_facart/28/

Breakthrough curve of manganese showing measured concentration (msd ─■─), expected concentration from advection and dispersion only (adv ─□─) via Equation (1), injection concentration (inj —), and background concentration (bkg ─)