Post-doc Publishes on Uranium Sorption to Rocks in Negev Desert, Israel

Dr. Martin Dangelmayr’s research on uranium sorption to four different types of rocks (organic-rich phosphorite, a bituminous marl, a chalk, and a sandstone) in the Negev Desert in Israel was recently published in Minerals (link to open source). These rocks are being considered as potential hosts for spent nuclear fuel, thus their sorption capacity for uranium is very important.

Grads Awarded GSA Research Grants

Rakiba Sultana (PhD student) and Leah Dechant (MS student) were awarded $2,700 and $2,378, respectively, in support of their graduate research projects for the summer of 2022 by the Geological Society of America.  Rakiba’s research proposal is focused on the mobility of uranium in groundwater. Leah’s research proposal is focused on the transport of road salt from groundwater to surface water.

Rakiba Sultana

Leah Dechant